Beer Loss Calculation Formulas

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By entering information about your business, you can calculate your current beer losses. Turn these losses into cost savings by using beer control and beer monitoring equipment from Berg Company™.

In the following formulas, * means multiply and / means divide

CostPerKeg = your average cost of a keg of beer

PercentYield = your estimated % yield per keg

NumKegsWk = number of kegs you go through per week

RetailPrice = Average retail price of a beer

Some of the lost yield is due to unrecorded sales. When this happens you not only lose the cost of the product, but also the profit from the sale.

LostSold = Estimate how many beers were sold per keg but never reached your cash register

CostPerOz = CostPerKeg / 1984

LossPerKeg = 1984 - (1984 * PercentYield) / 100)

WholeLossKeg = LossPerKeg * CostPerOz

WholeLossWeek = NumKegsWk * WholeLossKeg

WholeLossMonth = 4.3 * WholeLossWeek

RetailLossKeg = RetailPrice * LostSold

RetailLossWeek = NumKegsWk * RetailLossKeg

RetailLossMonth = 4.3 * RetailLossWeek

TotalLossMonth = RetailLossMonth + WholeLossMonth


Your wholesale cost loss per keg = WholeLossKeg

Your weekly wholesale cost loss = WholeLossWeek

Your monthly wholesale cost loss is = WholeLossMonth

Your retail loss per keg = RetailLostKeg

Your weekly retail loss = RetailLossWeek

Your monthly retail loss = RetailLossMonth

Your total average beer losses per month = TotalLossMonth

Your total average beer losses per year = 12 * TotalLossMonth


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