Draft Sentinel™ Beer Monitoring Equipment Specifications

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Remote Console  
Draft Sentinel ECU
Number of flow meters: Up to 24
Enclosure: Water-resistant, Powder coated aluminum
Dimensions: 8.0"(20.3cm)H x 7.0"(17.8mm)W x 3.0"(7.6cm)D
Weight: 2.2 lbs (1.0Kg)
Power requirements: 12 volts, 0.5 amps;
Display: LCD display of quantity dispensed by volume
Keypad: 7 Key (programming brand name, etc.)
Other: Replaceable 3 volt battery backup
Flow Meter  
Flow meter
Location: Installed in beverage line
Type: Turbine/magnet, pulses based on volume
Distance from console: Up to 500 feet (152.5m)
Sensor: Hall effect
Dimensions: 1.2"(30mm)H x 1.0"(25mm)W x 2.4"(61mm)L
Weight: 0.13 lbs (.06Kg)
Other: 1 per line
  Uses 29/32"(23mm) std. Beer coupling nuts & tailpieces. Uses Long-life, sapphire bearings

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