Ethernet Communication Package

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Many modern buildings, including casinos, resorts and large hotels often are wired for computer networks. When an Ethernet Local Area Network (LAN) is already present in the building, you do not need to run additional wiring between the PC running Infinity™ software and the Berg dispensing equipment.

The Infinity LAN Communication package takes care of everything. The Ethernet to Serial communication converter replaces a RS232 to RS485 converter.

Set up is quick. The Ethernet to Serial communication converter can be set up on any network connection on the building LAN close to the dispensers. Install software on the PC and identify the location of the converter on the LAN and associate it with a new virtual serial port. Infinity software can then make use of the "serial port" to communicate with the dispensing equipment during set up and reporting.

The building IT department can often help you with this process but the use of the Ethernet converter is transparent to the Infinity software.

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