Liquor Control using Laser™ Liquor Dispensers

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Laser™ Liquor Dispenser Gun and Control Unit  
Laser Remote System
Stylish, hand-held dispenser gun for fast,precise, no-splash portions with fingertip control.
Flexible 36" stainless hose provides convenient reach in bar work area.
Bar station control unit can be located up to 500 feet from liquor storage
Turbo Flo pump reserve system  
Bottle Reserve System
Patented Turbo Flo pump reserve system for high speed pumping of liquor
Uses non-pressurized bottles so they can be changed while the system is operating
Alternate pump configuration meets NSF standards

Easily expandable for any capacity using 3 bottles per manifold (as shown at left)

For smaller operations or tight spaces, single bottle reserves can be used. 16 individual brands can be mounted on a single rack.

Interface capabilities: INFINITY™ software and POS/ECR equipment
Can be combined with Infinity All-Bottle or Infinity All-Bottle ID  
Tamper-proof counters  
INFINITY™ Control System  
POS Interfaces  
Free Pour Laser Stystem  
Space saver rack
A secure 6 to 16 brand liquor dispensing system for the home bar.
Up to 16 brands on a single space saver rack.
Easy push and hold dispenser gun that can be locked Off when not in use.

Uses non-pressurized bottles just like Berg's commercial Laser™ system. Bottles can be changed while the system is operating.


Laser Specifications

Laser Brochure - 3.17 Mb PDF (download instructions)

Laser Installation Manual - 2.73 Mb PDF

Sanitation for Laser Systems

Additional Information about the Infinity Laser is included in the Infinity™ Installation/Service and User Manual (7.25 Mb)


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