Tap 2™ Beer Dispenser & Dispenser Network Specifications

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Tap 2

Tap Head/ Beer Dispenser  
Tap Head
Number of portion sizes: 8 including add-a-head
Portion volume: Unlimited
Faucet: Standard stainless steel Perlick beer faucet with unique clean-in-place design
Flow rate: As defined by beer system
Other controls: Alternate size, Repeat and cancel
Security: Head key lock
Enclosure: Stainless steel & high-strength plastic
Dimensions: 4.0"(102mm)H x 2.25"(57mm)W x 3.25"(83mm) D
Operation type: Open and close with a server motor
Communications: Dispenser Network - power and communication in one cable
Electrical: 5V at head (from Dispenser Network Power Supply)
Keypad: Rugged, 7 button, backlit, moisture-proof
Distance from power supply: Up to 10 feet (3 m)
Weight: 0.8 lbs (.37 Kg)
Other: - Accommodates standard beer dispense handle (3/8"-16)
  - Manual OFF lever - in case of power failure

Dispenser Network (DN) Components

Power Supply Unit  
Capacity: Powers up to 26 DN devices: TAP2 Dispensers and POS Boxes
Output Connections: Up to 12V DC, plugs into P3 Hub
Enclosure: High-strength plastic
Dimensions: 5.5"(140mm)H x 3.25"(83mm)W x 1.4"(36mm)D

Universal 100-240W

P3 Hub Distributes Power. Interfaces to POS, Printer or PC
Flow meter
Capacity: More than one can be added to interface to multiple terminals
Enclosure: Stainless Steel
Dimensions: 5.1"(130mm)H x 5.1"(130mm)W x 1.6"(41mm)D

12 VDC Power jack; DB9 RS232 for POS terminal, PC or serial printer; 8 output connectors with DN communications and DC power in each.

Includes: One 25’ (8m) power/comm cable
Security: Key Lock for POS, POS Bypass and Mode setting
Infinity DN ECU Interface Dispenser Network to Infinity software


Functions: Allows equipment setup and calibration through Infinity software. Records all pours. Schedules equipment enables and disables and price level changes.
Enclosure: Black powder coated steel
Dimensions: 10.5"(267mm)W x 2.6"(66mm)H x 6.0"(152mm)D
Connections: Two Infinity compatible RJ12 connectors; Two DN connectors. One 25' (8m) cable supplied.
Security: PC Access only through Berg's Infinity software
Infinity DN CPU Board Interface Dispenser Network to Infinity software

DN CPU Board

Functions: The same as the Infinity DN ECU
  Fits in any open slot in an Infinity ECU and is powered from the DN.
Flow Meter  
Flow meter
Location: Installed in beer feed line
Type: Turbine/magnet, pulses based on volume
Distance from console: Up to 500 feet (152.5m)
Sensor: Hall effect
Dimensions: 1.2"(30mm)H x 1.0"(25mm)W x 2.4"(61mm)L
Weight: 0.13 lbs (.06Kg)
Other: 1 per line
  Uses 29/32"(23mm) std. Beer coupling nuts & tailpieces
  Long-life, sapphire bearings

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