Infinity All-Bottle™ Liquor System

Picture of All-Bottle Pourers

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Liquor control doesn't have to be complicated or expensive. Berg's patented All-Bottle™ System keeps both sides of the bar happy. Your customers see their brand being poured and get a consistent drink each and every time. You get total control and accountability for every drink poured.

Berg Company™'s All-Bottle™ System uses unique price-coded pourers that are easily inserted into each bottle. The pourers cannot dispense unless they are used in combination with the special activator ring. The drink is dispensed accurately and recorded. It's fast and easy.

Pours like conventional open bottle dispensing, but with control and accountability. Portions sizes are programmable.

Eliminates over-pouring, reducing spillage and other losses.

The All-Bottle compact design fits almost anywhere that liquor is served.

Picture of All-Bottle I-Box

All-Bottle 7 Specifications

All-Bottle Brochure - (5.98 Mb) PDF (download instructions)

Information about the Infinity All-Bottle is included in the Infinity™ Installation/Service and User Manual (7.25 Mb)

Up to two Laser guns can be included on the same control unit.

Can be combined with all other ECU types that use Infinity™ software.

Advanced reporting for All-Bottle Infinity™ is available through Infinity™ software and POS Interface.


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