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Thank you for your interest in Berg Company's™ Beverage Control Systems.

If you are interested in a career in the hospitality industry, serving the restaurant, bar, clubs, arena, gaming markets; then Berg Company™ offers a well established, highly regarded and unique product line from the oldest, most respected name in the field.

Berg bar equipment is found coast to coast, Canada, Mexico, and Europe. Among our valued customers are such well known names as Hilton, Marriott, Embassy Suites, MGM Grand, Rio Suites, Boomtown, Trump, Madison Square Garden, Pro-Player (formerly Joe Robbie), Skydome, La Guardia, Denver Airport, Dallas DFW, Cubby Bear's, many TGIF Fridays to name a few; as well as thousands of local taverns and restaurants.

The majority of Berg Company™ sales are through a strong and loyal independent dealer network. The profile of the more successful Berg dealers are small businesses (1-6 people) whose principle activity is Berg Company™ products. They had knowledge of their local hospitality market before joining the Berg team. Most had previous selling experience in the hospitality sector. Though having limited financial resources, they did have sufficient capital to carry them for six months or so until they could build up their local market. A small initial investment in demo equipment is necessary in order to present the Berg products properly to prospective customers.

We offer an association with the most respected name in the industry, factory training as well as local field support. Berg Company™ participates in all of the major trade shows nation wide. Berg has a national space advertising and direct mail effort for new leads. All the new leads received are forwarded to the appropriate local dealer, which could be you!

If you feel you would like to explore further an association with Berg Company™ and receive relevant materials, Please complete the following:


Thank you for your time. Please Email your response by pressing the Submit button. Feel free to contact Berg Company at (608) 221-4281. Thanks for your interest.



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