Laser Liquor Controls

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Quick pouring gun system

See the Laser pouring action.

Uses secure back room inventory.

Allows use of larger bottles (1.75 L) for further cost savings.

Use multiple bottles so you won't run out of popular brands.

Single button push dispensing of cocktails.

Consistent drinks, Eliminates spills

Records all drinks poured.

Allows for multiple portions.

Can be interfaced to Cash Register or POS system.


  • Laser™ Remote : Liquor control from a soda-gun style system dispenses liquor from 6, 12, 16, or 32 brand models from a remote liquor room. Ideal for fast-paced dispensing requirements - night clubs, casinos, sports arenas, etc. where speed is critical. Also dispenses cocktails with multiple ingredients. Advanced reporting through Infinity™ software and POS Interface features is available.

  • Systems available that meet NSF standards.

  • Choose between high capacity rack system or single bottle reserve

  • Free Pour Laser with space saver rack can be used for home systems.

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