Tap 2™ Beer Control System

Tap 2 Draft Beer Control System

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Beer Systems

Tap Head

Beer system that accurately meters or controls portions for beer, wine or margaritas.

Supports up to 24 taps per dispenser network. Each tap pours up to eight sizes and support four price levels.

Stainless steel Perlick faucet allows clean-in-place.

Flow meter system compensates for fluctutations in line pressure and flow rates.

Maximizes the yield from a keg.

Portion control cuts bartender time. Just push a button and serve another customer while a pitcher is filling.


Tap 2™ Specifications

Tap 2 Brochure - PDF (download instructions)

Tap 2™ Installation/Service and User Manual

Information about Tap 2 is included in the Infinity™ Installation/Service and User Manual

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