Why You Need Liquor Control

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  • Portion Control
    • Controlled portions gives consistent drinks
    • Reduces spillage and over pouring
    • Free pour and shot glass are often over poured. Why do you think they call it "free" pour?

  • Accountability
    • Eliminates give-aways and theft
    • Records all drinks poured
    • Prevent unauthorized pouring after bar is closed

  • Profitability
    • Best way to increase profits is to control costs. Check out how much you may be losing.
    • Even a 1/4 oz overpour on a one ounce shot has increased your costs by 25%
    • Tens of thousands of dollars are spent for equipment to dispense gasoline, as gasoline prices rise. Yet, liquor costs are often over $100 a gallon and are often dispensed with cheap plastic pourers.
    • Quick pouring increases efficiency of your workers.
    • Consistent drinks and more pours means better tips for your employees.
    • Dramatically cut liquor purchases

  • Liability
    • Consistent pouring means better tracking of a customer's alcohol intake and reducing drunk driving.
    • Decrease Liability insurance premiums
    • Provides stronger defense if ever sued for negligence

Check out these Loss Calculators to determine how much money you may be losing by not using liquor control.

Here are other sources giving advice on increasing bar profitability.

Find out why Berg Company is your best choice for Liquor Control.

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